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Making of Donald Trump: Make America Great Again Collage by Haiyan

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When people think of Donald Trump, they think: racist, arrogant, misogynist, grotesque nativist. It’s clear to see that none of these words can bring any good to anyone or anything. However, I’d like disagree with that. This is because due to how he’s acted throughout his entire campaign, he’s managed to essentially bring people closer and inspire them in more ways than one. Art being one of them for me. Several artists, like myself, have displayed an array of incredible art whether it be for good or bad purposes. Their intentions are to their own.
“Make America Great Again!” is the campaign logo that inspired me to do a collage of Donald Trump. The materials that were used throughout the process of making this collage were from his campaign such as posters, cards and pamphlets. There’s something wonderful about bringing an art piece to life when extracting it from the very essence of what you find to be amusing.
When looking at the collage, you can see an American flag behind Donald Trump. This is meant to represent both the United States and the symbol of freedom which is the eagle.
However this contrasts with Donald Trump’s expression, that of anger and dominance. It’s clear to see that he doesn’t intend to “Make America Great Again.”
If you look closely into his eyes, you could see that I’ve deliberately placed the “Make America Great Again” logo under them and throughout the entire collage. This is meant to represent his eagerness that he has for becoming President of the United States. I’ve also added states such as Texas and Florida among many others in order to emphasize his campaign quote.
Art can transform how people feel in all types of ways but I believe that as an artist, we want to leave our viewers open to their thoughts so they can express their feelings of our portraits or collages in their own way. 

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